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here you'll find various quotes from the press about our productions as they are made available

Juliet &her Romeo

adapted and directed by 

MK Burgos

"Exquisitely performed by Matthew Bohrer, Sam R. Ross, and Abby Wilde, Juliet &her Romeo features as intriguing a production design as you’re likely to see under any stars this summer … Not only does it manage to compact a play that usually runs twice as long and can feature a cast of 30 or more, it does so with considerable imagination and flair."


-- StageSceneLA

12th Night

adapted by

Sam R Ross 

directed by

Sam R Ross and MK Burgos

"It’s hard to imagine a better offering for VanguardRep’s third season than this summer’s pièce de résistance 12th Night. Adapted with 21st Century tastes in mind and blessed with one gem of a performance after another, this is a 12th Night certain to entertain even the most curmudgeonly of Shakespeare naysayers, and for those with a genuine fondness for the Bard (who don’t mind a bit of trimming here and there), this 12th Night offers a ticket to Shakespeare heaven under the stars."


-- StageScene LA

After the Autumn

written and directed by 

MK Burgos

"Through a series of exceptionally assembled monologues and flashback scenes...Burgos, who also directed this phenomenally talented ensemble, has created a nearly flawless dramatic labyrinth of clues and revelations."


-- Glendale News Press


"As for the performances director Burgos has elicited from his stellar cast, they simply could not be better.  The evening belongs to After The Autumn, a play that stands on its own and...will stay with you long after the lights have dimmed."


-- StageSceneLA

A Midsummer Night's Dream

adapted and directed by 

MK Burgos and Sam R Ross

"The streamlined adaptation of Dream is a true testament to Ross’s and Burgos’s craft as storytellers. The direction is smooth and the pacing is frenetic, but not out of control; the actors blocking and choreography around the minimalistic stage is absolutely flawless, as well as the light design by Ric Zimmerman, whose various cues go well with Puck’s musical magic.​"


-- LA Splash Magazine


It takes a good deal of chutzpah to chop an hour off the running time of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and a great deal of talent to pull it off, a feat which Vanguard Rep has performed to perfection—and to gales of laughter—in an open-air production certain to delight audiences of all ages, and that includes Shakespearephiles-and-phobes alike.


-- StageScene LA


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