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discover. decode. develop.

Dive into the creative processes of some of ATL's most exciting artists. VanguardRep and the Windmill Arts Center bring you two alternating nights of brand new, in-development, experimental works of dance, theatre, performance art, spoken word, and more. Featuring pieces from Sean Nguyen-Hilton supported by Fly on a Wall, Vernal & Sere Theatre Co., Emma Alley, Lucy Smith, Medicine Art House, VanguardRep, Dana Stringer, ImmerseATL, and Staibdance.


Educational, entertaining, and experimental, ROSETTA redefines the relationship between audience and performance. In the second installment of this annual series, VanguardRep and the Windmill Arts Center take you behind the curtain of several Atlanta artists and artistic companies to highlight the importance of development in the creative process. Audiences will get the opportunity to see work-in-progress selections of brand new pieces ranging from 15 to 50 minutes long. Participating artists receive donated rehearsal and performance space at the Windmill, plus artistic, technical, and administrative support from VanguardRep. Aiming to bring together the disparate artistic circles of the rich Atlanta scene, we hope artists, art appreciators, and audiences alike will come out and enjoy a small taste of what Atlanta has to offer.

Thursday, January 24 @ 8PM

Friday, January 25 @ 8PM

Saturday, January 26 @ 8PM

Sunday, January 27 @ 8PM

*alternating lineup listed below


Windmill Arts Center

2823 Church St.

East Point, 30344

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$10 at the door, cash or card

first come, first served


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Public Arcana (working title)

physical divination by Sean Nyugen-Hilton

supported by Fly on a Wall

runs all 4 performance dates for 30 minutes before curtain

Public Arcana investigates the anti-imperialist, non-materialistic implications of investing in unseen forces as a way to relate to one another and glean insight to the human condition. It is a body in a space responding to intentions of individuals.

In a Motel by the Sea

a new play

by Vernal & Sere Theatre Co.

Thursday, January 24 @ 8PM

Saturday, January 26 @ 8PM

In a Motel by the Sea is a staged reading of a new play by

VST 's Sawyer Estes. Using Estes' writing and other interdisciplinary texts as source material, VST crafts a theatrical experience about a girl who suffers a violent event in relation to a man against a backdrop of ecological violence

--specifically in reference to water. 

In the Ring

a dance/performance art piece

by Emma Alley

Thursday, January 24 @ 8PM

Saturday, January 26 @ 8PM

In the Ring observes the mental patterns which restrain us, the process of extracting ourselves from them, and the uncertainty of the aftermath. How do we put ourselves back together when our standard modes of operation cease to hold us up? For those who boldly enter the ring with their subconscious, is there hope on the other side?


a performance art piece

by Medicine Art House

Thursday, January 24 @ 8PM

Saturday, January 26 @ 8PM

A performance/long-form question about motherhood written and performed by Lucy Smith.


a movement duet

by Emma Alley & Lucy Smith

Thursday, January 24 @ 8PM

Saturday, January 26 @ 8PM

Two women create a ritual of initiation to free one another from what has kept them imprisoned and step forward in a new way.


a devised piece of theatre

by VanguardRep

Friday, January 25 @ 8PM

Sunday, January 27 @ 8PM

VanguardRep's Sam Ross adapts Chekhov's short story Poprygunia (The Butterfly) into a devised multimedia movement theatre piece exploring love, fame, and the integrity of art and artists.

Black Body, Blue Note

a poetry & movement piece

by Dana Stringer

Friday, January 25 @ 8PM

Sunday, January 27 @ 8PM

Black Body, Blue Note is a poetry and movement piece based on five poems by Dana Stringer that explore the Black body as it encounters police officers. The performance aims to convey the vicious cycle and cumulative effect of fatal incidents that are commonplace between unarmed African Americans and law enforcement.

frame shift

a dance piece

by ImmerseATL

Friday, January 25 @ 8PM

Sunday, January 27 @ 8PM

Performed by artists in ImmerseATL's training program, 

frame shift explores the idea of being engulfed by something external or by an individual, internal choice. After performing this piece at an earlier showcase, the Artists in training will now face the challenge of allowing their movements and physicality to change and adapt to a new environment--one of ImmerseATL's educational goals.

from the mind’s eye: the creation of a work

a dance piece

by Staibdance

Friday, January 25 @ 8PM

Sunday, January 27 @ 8PM

Staibdance is looking to unsettle itself, shock its system, and jump into a process that will fuel the group's newest work. Be among the first to see the early development of a piece to be unveiled in its entirety at a later date. 

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